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Free Marketing Resources & Tools

Instagram Workshop!

This workshop gives you loads of advice, tips and actionable steps to help you overcome the most common Instagram frustrations and make Instagram work for you.

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How to Find and Apply for Artist Grants

A super useful guide to preparing for grant applications and where you can find grant opportunities!  

SEO For Your Art Website

A helpful DIY guide to optimizing your website so that it gets found and listed by search engines! 

Patreon eBook - Create Art Revenue with Pateron

In this eBook, we’ll explore what Patreon is, how it works and how to make money using the platform.

3 Video Series Workshop: Creating A Brand

In this 3 video series, learn how to approach establishing your art brand as well as tips and tools for creating a logo!

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eBook: Instagram for Artists

Get this eBook on how to be more effective with Instagram, to reach your ideal collectors!

eBook: Artist Websites - Shopify

Get this 16 page eBook on how to use Shopify as your artist website platform and learn why you're missing out if you don't! 

eBook: Pinterest for Artists

Learn how Pinterest can extend your art reach to new audiences and how to get started!

Ditch The Traditional Artist Statement

Get inspired to write about your work in a way that people will actually care about. 


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