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About Andrea

Hey, friend! Andrea Kendall here—your marketing strategist, art business motivator, creative cheerleader and art pal!

One of the things I hear most from artists is about how daunting the prospect of self-promotion and art sales are. There are so many obstacles; what to do, how to do it, a lack of time, confusion, and most of all - fear of rejection.

I hear ya. It is overwhelming, but we live in an exciting time. The opportunities and tools to create our own success are more accessible than ever, so, let’s explore this path together! 

A little about me: about 4 years ago, I left my career in corporate marketing, picked up a paintbrush, bought some giant canvases and decided to fiercely pursue my creativity. Why? Because there was something in me that said, it was time. It was time to focus on my art, time to connect with my passion and time to share it with the world. To ignore that voice inside me would have been to stifle something incredibly special. So, I got to work. And, with my background in marketing, I quickly built an art brand and used my website and social media to connect with a global art audience. I discovered that independently sharing and selling my artwork was not only possible, but incredibly doable. 
I continue to work as a fine artist, but it is my honor to work with other artists, helping them on the same path to independent success. I created Spark, to reach as many creatives as possible. We’ve got an art gang, and we’re in this together. Join us!

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